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cloudBuy solutions available on G-Cloud 7

Dec 01, 2015

cloudBuy continues its 15+ year track record as a supplier of e-commerce solutions to the public sector

2nd December 2015: cloudBuy, the global provider of cloud-based e-commerce marketplaces and B2B buyer and supplier solutions, today announced that its solutions will once again be featured on G-Cloud and available for selection by public sector organisations.

G-Cloud 7 is the seventh iteration of the UK Government’s procurement framework for cloud-based products and services. It is used by public sector organisations as the first point of call when seeking new IT solutions.

cloudBuy’s solutions fall under Lot 3 of G-Cloud: Software as a Service (SaaS). cloudBuy’s offerings include:

  • e-commerce website packages for organisations of all sizes
  • cloud-based purchasing portals to link a purchasing organisation or group to its community of suppliers to bring spending under control
  • e-marketplaces for B2B e-commerce and to connect citizens to government
  • Contract Management to administer and apply contracts
  • SpendInsight to identify off-contract and maverick spending to highlight areas for saving
  • GreenInsight to show the carbon footprint and environmental impact of procurement decisions

cloudBuy recognises that public sector organisations are being challenged to provide modern public services at a lower cost. The cloudBuy solutions that are available on G-Cloud are designed, not only to help public bodies identify where savings could be made, but also offer technology the public sector needs to become more efficient and cost effective.

Lyn Duncan, cloudBuy CEO said, “We are really pleased that cloudBuy’s solutions have once again been accepted for G-Cloud. This is testament to our track record of providing solutions for the public sector and helping organisations meet their e-commerce and procurement challenges in a financial environment which continues to be challenging.”

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