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cloudBuy Products:

cloudBuy solutions support customers with large numbers of online transactions, with a range of products and services built on a single PCI DSS Level 1 accredited platform available on G-Cloud.

Specialists in B2B eCommerce since 1999

cloudBuy eCommerce combines a sophisticated Content Management System (CMS) with leading ecommerce engine features, providing a full set of B2C upsell and marketing functionality along with complex B2B services, complete pricing, taxation and delivery, plus credit card storage in a PCI DSS Level 1 environment.

B2B eCommerce solutions
B2B digital procurement solutions

Helping companies move to eProcurement since 2002

Our purchasing solution is a simple way to trade with all your suppliers in a single, secure, eProcurement environment, bringing ‘consumer-style’ shopping to the complex world of B2B procurement with embedded payment options. Your buyers will only see selected products and services at approved prices with 99.8% of orders auto-matched and paid.


Digital Marketplace
An expert in digital ecommerce marketplaces

Our online marketplaces bring buyers and sellers of goods and services together to trade securely via a functionally rich, easy-to-use ecommerce platform. It supports local digital initiatives, the delivery of social care and economic development.

Digital marketplace for citizens