cloudBuy provides solutions for buyers and sellers and brings them together to trade via online marketplaces and private purchasing portals

What our customers say

e-commerce Websites

“cloudBuy has provided us with an attractive branded website that handles the whole of the e-commerce process and integrates with our existing systems to enrich the online experience for shoppers.”

John Hudson, Head of Publishing, Historic England


“Our partnership has led to the development of a dynamic e-marketplace that provides fast solutions for CCGs (Clinical Commissioning Groups), patients, carers and suppliers alike.”

Stephen Sutcliffe, Finance & Accounting Director, NHS SBS (UK)

Purchasing Portals

“cloudBuy was selected because of its proven payment security and ability to ensure invoice accuracy. Reducing the possibility of errors and inquiries will save time, simplify the process and ensure payments can be made easily.”

Bill Vansickle, Manager of Procurement Services, YRDSB (Canada)