Acceptable Use Policy

The Internet is intended for use by mature adults and by minors under adult supervision. Users of this directory-based system are expected to use the Internet responsibly, obeying all laws and following proper ‘netiquette’. The following practices will not be tolerated:

Unlawful activities such as:

  • unauthorised distribution or copying of copyrighted photos, materials or software
  • fraud
  • the solicitation of gambling or prostitution
  • other practices which may be considered obscene and/or illegal.

Net mail abuse, including:

  • message delivery considered to be spamming
  • mailbombing (sending numerous and very similar messages to the same e-mail addresses)
  • trolling (generating outrageous messages with the purpose of generating greater response)
  • subscribing others to a mailing list without permission.
  • Any other practice either unlawful or considered harassment, and the owner of this system reserves the right to determine what constitutes net mail abuse.

Other unacceptable practices include but are not limited to:

  • the posting of defamatory, scandalous, or private information about a person without their consent
  • intentionally inflicting emotional distress
  • violating trademarks, copyrights, or other intellectual property rights
  • any misuse of system resources including, but not limited to, knowingly employing programs which consume excessive CPU time or storage space the resale of access to scripts installed on the system-owner’s servers.

NOTE: A breach of any of the policies above may result in the deletion of all your information. The owner of this system will not be held responsible for any monies lost as a result of such an action

Abuse Reporting Procedure

Please help us by reporting any abuse you spot, which you believe has come from the cloudBuy systems or servers by contacting the Customer Support Team

Email: (Please make the email subject line as follows: Abuse Report)
Phone: 0118 324 8050

You will receive an acknowledgement of you report and we will send you a ticket/complaint number within 1 working day.
Your report will be immediately investigated.