SpendAnalytics Discovery

Spend Analytics Trial Report


SpendAnalytics uses artificial intelligence to identify overspend and provide the recommendations and information required for the recovery of costs.

cloudbuy has codified over 27m product instances and can quickly identify individual products and compare prices paid by your organization with those being achieved by other organisations buying in the market. The global benchmark represents $500bn of expenditure from over 500 organisations worldwide.

We are pleased to offer you a SpendAnalytics Discovery trial report, within 10 working days *,  which benchmarks the prices paid for specific products,  highlighting cost improvement gains available,  by eliminating price variances as well as identifying costly 'off contract' spend,  at line item level.

The SpendAnalytics Discovery report will provide you with:

  • High level view of:  Spend by Supplier, Purchase Order to Accounts Payable ratio, transaction levels and other similar metrics.  These outputs form a high level view of spend and the ability for you to confirm the numbers are in-line with the spend profile you have of your business.
  •  Summary of Savings (total value, amount of spend affected, savings potential, quantity of opportunities, quantity of suppliers involved, quantity of products involved) for each of the following:
  1. Price Benchmarking
  2. Price Variances
  3. Contract Variances
  4. Product Switching and consolidation
  •  We will also provide two ‘drilled down’ examples for each of the above.

You can be assured that your data will be protected and used only for this purpose. A mutual non-disclosure agreement will be exchanged to protect all parties.

Once you have your summary report you will be able to check that you're getting best value. If there is a business case for cost recovery we would be happy to talk with you about how we can enable you to fully ‘drill-down’ into the data and realise the savings.

* on receipt of electronic data


To request your trial report contact Chris Hope