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cloudBuy Contract Management

The cloudBuy Contract Management Module provides a centralised contracts database. This is easily configured to align with your organisation's specific contract category structure. Contracts are grouped by the categories relevant to your team so that they can be rapidly found and applied. Access is tightly controlled so that only the right people see the contracts they need to manage. 

cloudBuy Contract Management captures and stores:

  • all contracts awarded
  • all information related to these contracts including:
    • commercials
    • products and services
    • costs and charges
    • commencement and end dates
  • current and historic contract data 

cloudBuy Contract Management stores and administers all your contract data, fully integrating your negotiated pricing, discounts and terms into your purchasing. 

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All cloudBuy’s solutions are built on the secure cloudBuy platform which meets the highest security standard used by banks and credit card companies (PCI-DSS Level 1).