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cloudBuy provides solutions for buyers and sellers… and brings them together to trade via online marketplaces and private purchasing portals

Solutions for Buyers

Buy smarter. Save money.

cloudBuy helps buying organisations automate the procure-to-pay process and turn purchasing data into strategies that improve efficiencies and deliver cost savings.

cloudBuy offers a range of solutions to reduce costs and simplify procurement:

  • Purchasing Portals
  • Contract Management
  • SpendInsight
  • GreenInsight
  • Access to e-marketplaces to purchase goods and services from around the world

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cloudBuy Purchasing Portal

brings B2C simplicity to complex B2B e-commerce via an online portal which connects your purchasing team and employees to your approved supplier community. Your purchasing team can refocus on strategic procurement, improving supplier relationships and reducing costs, rather than managing static product catalogues and prices.

cloudBuy Contract Management

can be run standalone to store and administer all your contract data, or used together with cloudBuy Purchasing Portal to fully integrate contracts information into your purchasing process. This gives easy access to negotiated pricing, discounts and terms.

cloudBuy SpendInsight

can analyse your organisation’s historical spending from procurement and ERP systems to identify over-payments to suppliers, maverick off-contract spending, and where to focus to make the biggest or fastest savings.

cloudBuy GreenInsight

will provide a complete assessment of your organisation’s environmental impact from the bottom up, by showing you the carbon footprint of the products which you buy down to the item level. This helps you build environmental considerations into your procurement process and provides information for reporting on your green credentials.

cloudBuy e-marketplaces

bring buying and selling communities together around the world, via a secure e-commerce environment which supports B2C, B2B, and citizen and business to government interactions.