cloudBuy backs ‘Support for Commonwealth Trade’ (S4CT) campaign

Jul 12, 2016

Campaign will focus on practical initiatives to increase UK trade with the Commonwealth

12th July, 2016: cloudBuy, the global provider of cloud-based e-commerce marketplaces and B2B buyer and supplier solutions, today announced that it has signed up to the ‘Support for Commonwealth Trade’ campaign which is hosting a reception today in the House of Commons. The campaign focuses on practical steps which can be taken to boost trade between the UK and the Commonwealth, and among all Commonwealth member nations.

The S4CT campaign includes 3 trade-boosting initiatives which can begin immediately:

  • The creation of a Commonwealth Free Trade Zone (CFTZ) to remove trade barriers and provide an alternative to the EU Single Market
  • The wider adoption of e-commerce within the Commonwealth so that more business is done online, enabling nations and businesses of all sizes to trade more easily
  • An investigation into the role of UK free trade ports in enabling Commonwealth trade and how these could revitalise the UK regions

Ronald Duncan, Chairman of cloudBuy said, “We are delighted to add our support to the S4CT campaign. After the UK’s recent referendum decision to exit the EU it is important for the nation to proactively reconnect with its traditional trading partners from the Commonwealth. The S4CT initiative to increase the amount of business transacted online will benefit Commonwealth economies of all sizes, giving global visibility to products and services, connecting new buyers and sellers, and creating fresh supply chain links. There will be a fresh impetus to form and grow new businesses throughout the Commonwealth. Taking business online speeds up processes and has a positive impact on the environment by reducing paper flows.”

cloudBuy has customers and current e-business projects in several Commonwealth nations including Canada, Australia, India, Singapore and the UK. Initiatives to increase free trade throughout the Commonwealth will make it easier to connect online marketplaces and purchasing systems so that online buying and selling across national boundaries is simplified.

For more information on the S4CT campaign visit:

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