cloudBuy International Best Practices for cloud computing at Gitex Conference

Conference Notes
  1. Cloud Building Strategies for Smart Government (GCC) Dr Usman Zafar- CEO DUC Consulting International Fatima Hayat - COO DUC Consulting International
  2. cloudBuy
  3. Shall We Ignore Cloud Computing ? cloudBuy
  4. Use SaaS for Support Functions cloudBuy
  5. cloudBuy International Best Practices
  6. How cloudBuy UK Helping Public Sector Globally to be more efficient with potential Growth? How you can grow your business by 000s %? How you can save your business $ billions? How you can realize efficiencies? Growth Cost Reduction
  7. cloudBuy - spendAnalytics – A global resource Over $12 billion of new spend analysed every month More than 27,092,779 product records support our cleansing and enriching algorithms Global Benchmark with over 500 other organisations with over $500bn spend
  8. cloudBuy - Global Price Benchmark • Easily identify how your current prices compare with those paid by your peers. • Price benchmark compares your average unit price and volumes • Identify top opportunities for savings • Fully navigable interface with drill down into detailed reports
  9. cloudBuy - Price Variances • View identical products bought from the same supplier but at different prices • Fully navigable data provides visibility of actionable opportunities for combining volumes / buying at optimum pricing • Useful mechanism for validating that expected procurement outcomes match actual buying behaviour
  10. cloudBuy - Classified Spend • Data value is increased when it can be viewed by classification • Products can be identified for consolidation • Full drill down capability using a range of metrics which include category, level of spend, order volumes
  11. Australia State Government AUD $42million in savings per annum Australian State Government spendAnalytics report has identified for just one department in the state.
  12. cloudBuy - NHS in the News today
  13. cloudBuy - Case study UK National Health Service NHS e-procurement strategy could save £5 million per hospital. Sources: Department of Health report, entitled NHS e-Procurement Strategy April 2014
  14. cloudBuy - UK National Health Service UK National Health Service Spend Analytics utilised by the UK National Audit Office identified £2 billion savings per annum NHS Carbon Footprint report identified £6.75 billion in savings from carbon reduction through the targeted elimination of waste per annum.
  15. UK Local Government Economic Development • Bristol City Council working in partnership with local business support agencies set out make local businesses more efficient, visible and ‘up to date’ as possible. • Bristol City Council deployed e- Marketplace. • Delivered £5.5 million per annum in savings, plus local jobs and growth. • Enabled local companies to trade with others
  16. UK Higher Education vertical emarketplace UK Higher Education, including 200 Universities utilised contract management and vertical eMarketplace to centralised, aggregated contracts for goods and services.
  17. UK Higher Education vertical emarketplace
  18. Apptricity - E-Book: Automating the Procurement Process eMarketplace contains your selected suppliers, providing only the goods and services you have approved and at Your eMarketplace employees provides currently use organisations ecommerce with websites their own virtual shopping mall when at home negotiated prices How does it work? STEP 1 - SOURCING Buying at home is so much easier. I wish I could see up to date prices, stock levels and accurate delivery charges! 19
  19. Once approved, electronic Purchase Order is sent to the STEP 2 – PROCUREMENT AND PAYMENT integrates into ERP system and Process Maintain integrity of current systems processes Dynamic pricing and stock Purchaser fills basket with levels, goods/maintained services by from the marketplace supplier, leading to accurate orders 20 Requisition Order follows current Workflow Approval Control and Compliance for all applicable purchases Process Accurate electronic process that reduces rework for Buyers and Suppliers Supplier Supplier Fulfills Order & Delivers Goods with Electronic receipting leads to quicker Payment for Suppliers Electronic Invoice Integrated Purchaser process receipts for goods/suppliers services and detailed using electronic invoice for buyers eMarketplace Suppliers receive payment within 2-4 days Buyers receive working Pcaaypmitaeln Bt eunseifnitg Embedded Visa Account
  20. E-CATALOGUE VS E-MARKETPLACE Rejected due to being out of stock, incorrect price, item Supplier Only able to Part-Fill the Order deleted Supplier has a Single point of Maintenance rather than managing multiple e- Catalogues Buyer must manage catalogues, taking up valuable resources Purchase order is sent to Buyer logs onto Accurate eMarketplace stock provides and Process Efficiencies and sees reduces accurate, Rework up to date product details Supplier amends product details within its own ecommerce website Approved Buyers Approved Suppliers 21 Rejected orders create rework for buyers & suppliers Catalogues are static and quickly out of date Suppliers are required to send catalogues to numerous customers Buyer unable to complete 3- way match due to Price or supplier Quantity Variance Supplier sends catalogue to buyers, typically every three months Catalogue is loaded into the financial system Approved Buyers Approved Suppliers
  21. NOT JUST A REPOSITORY FOR CATALOGUES eMarketplace provide a real time online buying experience, with an end to end process from requisition to payment Complete Transactions Online: Like Amazon and consumer marketplaces, B2B supplies can be researched, ordered and purchased online. Multiple orders from various suppliers can be combined into a single checkout, saving time and money. Customer Specific Contract Pricing: Unlike a traditional catalogue repository, prices and product information are updated by the supplier – requisitioners will know that they are buying the correct supplies, from preferred suppliers at the contracted price.
  22. Provides Suppliers an eCommerce Presence Buyer Benefits Supplier Benefits Contracted Prices Achieved via Marketplace Single Easy to Use Interface for All Purchases Integrate with Current PO Approval Procedures Simple Onboarding to Accept Card Payments Payment Received within 3-4 Days Integrated eInvoicing Capabilities Drives Compliance to Preferred Suppliers Drives Spend to Preferred Suppliers ERP Integration Options 23 eMarketplace BENEFITS Up to Date Product Details Full Reporting Output Single Point of Maintenance Real time updates for Products & Stock levels
  23. Thank you for your attention! Q/A Dr Usman Zafar CEO DUC Consulting International Board Advisor cloudBuy UK +971 4 4532694 Fatima Hayat COO DUC Consulting International Board Advisor cloudBuy UK +971 4 4532694