cloudBuy Case Studies

Devon County Council

"We needed a system that could deliver real procurement savings and meet the challenge of integrating with Finest, our internal finance system. When we started a fax was considered electronic, but I could see there was a greater opportunity for efficiencies by using a total electronic purchase to pay solution."
Kevin Balding, a Principal Procurement Officer


Hampshire Hospitals

Hampshire Hospitals NHS Trust is one of the UK’s top performing hospital groups. It has been recognized for both its clinical and management excellence. The Trust continually seeks to improve services whilst driving costs down – and, as part of this, it has implemented a cloudBuy e-commerce Marketplace to reduce costs and drive purchasing compliance across the organization.


Higher Education Funding Council for England

The Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) wanted to give all of the country’s Higher and Further Education Institutions access to an EU-compliant Contract Management system. A fully integrated sector-wide e-commerce Marketplace, which would also flow payment to suppliers, was to replace a legacy contract database.


East Renfrewshire County Council

"Many eProcurement systems place demands on the purchaser to upload and update their suppliers’ catalogs, a time-consuming difficult process. One of the greatest benefits of the cloudBuy e-commerce Marketplace is that there is emphasis on the suppliers to maintain their own micro-sites, and to update their pricelists and catalogs. This has saved us considerable time and ensures that we are always purchasing in a real world environment fully aware and up-to-date with all costs"
Mary McCann, Systems Administrator


Huntingdonshire District Council

"The result has been superb, we have seen at least a 50% reduction in prices"
Nigel Arkle, eProcurement Manager


The University of Huddersfield- in partnership with Barclaycard and cloudBuy

Pressure on the public sector to reduce spending and to operate more efficiently has never been more apparent. The University of Huddersfield was seeking to achieve process efficiencies, create robust audit trails and introduce more timely payments. In partnership with Barclaycard and cloudBuy, the University introduced an e-procurement solution that delivers significant savings.


Royal Berkshire NHS

"We were impressed with the spend report that came back to us because it gave examples of tangible savings which we were able to act on. SpendInsight was quick to pinpoint individual products that were high volume and high spend. The ability to drill down to actual individual device of consumable is the best part of the whole analysis."


Basingstoke & North Hampshire NHS FT

"We’ve been delighted with the cloudBuy GreenInsight report. It isolates exactly what line items are the greatest carbon culprits, and where to start in defining a carbon reduction strategy."