"Any supplier of care products and services
should seriously consider joining PHBChoices
as soon as possible"

Andrew Stevenson, NRS Healthcare, Sales Director

How is the national rollout of PHBChoices progressing?


With the increasing take up of Personal Health Budgets (PHBs) across England, PHBChoices is also being rolled out across the country. Clinical commissioning groups (CCGs), suppliers of health and care products and services and PHB holders are joining the marketplace in increasing numbers.

Chiltern CCG and Aylesbury Vale CCG are the latest CCGs to sign up to PHBChoices as part of the Arden & GEM CSU (Commissioning Support Unit). Arden & GEM is one of the largest CSUs in the country, supporting over 60 CCGs.

Suppliers of all sizes from across England are also joining the marketplace, including NRS Healthcare, Sensory Toy Warehouse and E & R Plus Ltd. These early adopters are ensuring that they don’t miss out on this growing market of buyers.  

PHBChoices in the news: