How the UK could collaborate with
The Commonwealth and the EU
to increase global trade 

The UK now has an imperative to quickly find alternatives to the EU market


Could the UK emerge as a bridge between The Commonwealth and the EU?


In the aftermath of the UK's vote to leave the European Union the world's markets have been sent into turmoil. It is only to be expected that uncertainty will drive short term volatility but now that the jigsaw pieces have been well and truly thrown up in the air does this actually offer new trading opportunities to the the UK and the world? 

The UK has always been one of the great trading nations in both goods and services. It has developed many insights, skills and partnerships over the centuries and has a reputation for innovation. How can those resources be called upon to help the UK and the world face the post-Brexit era and even benefit from it? 

cloudBuy Chairman and CIO Ronald Duncan is proposing that connecting the UK and The Commonwealth through e-commerce and the creation of a Commonwealth Free Trade Zone will provide new global trading opportunities.

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