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The 12 facts of eCommerce 2016
Dec 13, 2016
As another year draws to a close, we at cloudBuy are once again reflecting on some of the interesting eCommerce facts and trends we’ve encountered both here in the UK and abroad. more
The importance of having a mobile responsive website
Peter Robertshaw, CMO
Oct 24, 2016
An increasing number of internet users prefer to use their smartphones to browse and shop, and Google actively favours websites that are mobile friendly. It can become very costly to have a website that only looks good on a limited number of devices. more
Is there a role for UK free trade ports to boost the economy and increase trade with the Commonwealth?
Ronald Duncan, Chairman and CIO
Jul 08, 2016
A country can designate free port areas at selected sea, river or airports. The free port offers exemptions from national import and export duties for goods that are just passing through the port to be re-exported. more
Increasing Commonwealth trade that’s good for the environment
Ronald Duncan, Chairman and CIO
Jul 07, 2016
The Commonwealth is the largest association of states by land mass and includes 53 countries which span the globe; from India with a population of over 1.2 billion to Nauru in the Pacific with 10,000. more
Development through free trade has a major role to play in reducing the causes of economic migration
Ronald Duncan, Chairman and CIO
Jul 05, 2016
Uncontrolled migration was a major factor in the UK’s decision to leave the EU. Time has yet to tell whether the negotiations the UK has with the EU will limit the free movement of workers once Brexit has been achieved more